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The following is an exclusive collection of the best UFO photos in the world. All UFO photos were taken by a one-armed farmer using an ordinary 35mm film camera back in the 1970s well before Adobe Photoshop and photo manipulation were possible. The photos are of exceptional quality because they are authentic. Yes, its true, as strange as it may seem, aliens from another planet have visited the earth. Unexplained advanced ancient technology found and documented throughout the world has an alien extra-terrestrial connection including the pyramids of Egypt, statues on Easter Island, and many many other examples of advanced ancient technology that should not exist. Including the Roswell crash was a real UFO crash landing but the incident was immediately covered-up and suppressed by the US military/CIA. You have probably never seen these high-quality UFO photos before except perhaps one used for the X-Files TV show. The token UFO photo used by the X-Files is authentic and part-of/stolen from the set. These images never appear in UFO books, UFO documentaries nor are they discussed in the news primarily because their authenticity is deliberately suppressed. Why? If knowledge aliens from another planet visited earth, it would be catastrophic for the control exercised by world religions on the global population. This is why there is a well-organized, orchestrated suppression of these authentic UFO images and why you’ve probably never seen these specific images before. There are very few places on the Internet, here being one of them, authentic UFO images of real-genuine alien craft from another planet may be found. Yes folks, this is the real deal. Unsure how you stumbled upon this website but welcome and count yourself better informed. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. Any questions, send to The secret is finally getting out albeit slowly.